POWEREX terbukti sebagai produk baterai dan charger paling handal di kelasnya.

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Words: Best o ut there by David Marshall, Lexington, Kentucky, USA (5/5 stars). "I have two sets of four and the powerex charger. i charged up four and put them in my camera when i got it in january 06. Last week those original batteries finally ran out of juice. I use my camera quite often and was amazed how long these batteries lasted. simply the best choice for rechargeable batteries on the market."

Words: Awesome by D. Cream, USA (5/5 stars). "The best rechargables I've ever owned. They last forever in my digital camera. I charge them with the MAHA MH-C204W Battery Charger, which might be a factor."

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Words: "Overall, the Powerex 2700mAH AA cells have the highest capacity I've ever seen...", Benthead, Texas, USA

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by Ben Dx

Ive had a lot of rechargeables over the years, most recently the Energiser 2500mAH AA batteries and some Maha Powerex 2300mAH batteries. both these and the energisers have seen a lot of action - thousands and thousands of photos in my digital camera, stints in my headtorch, cd walkman, minidisc recorder - and both sets are still going strong. a few weeks back I bought a couple of sets of these Powerex 2700mAh AA,s and they are my new favourites. I just keep being amazed that the technology keeps improving, every time you think its hit a limit. i first read about the maha/powerex's when they came out on top in the Great Battery Shootout, which sadly doesnt appear to be being maintained anymore.

these batteries claim 2700mAh, which is a pretty big claim, but as far as i can tell, they appear to be (unlike many others) living up to it. one thing however, is that the health and life of *any* NiMh batteries is heavily dependent on having a decent quality charger. a crap charger will ruin even the best set of rechargables really quick, whereas a good one will keep them happy for a long long time. (i use a Maha C-401FS, which ive had for a few years, and its still going strong. i like it because it has separate circuits for each individual cell, unlike most charges that will only do pairs. still, if i was buying another, id probably get the C204W. i must sound like a maha salesman - im not - its just the best gear ive been able to find, and ive done a lot of looking...)

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Words: "The Powerex 1000's are the most impressive batteries I have tested...", Benthead, Texas, USA

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Words: "love the Maha systems like this one (the MH-C204W charger and Powerex 2700 mAh AA battery system)" by Ken Rockwell

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